Heart of Hoshin Series

As declared by the founder of Hoshinjutsu, Soke Glenn Morris almost 3 decades ago:
"What you choose to pass on is the living tradition of the martial art.  The secrets of hoshinjutsu that you were taught or created and you kept for personal advantage die with you!"

This is why Hoshinbudoryu now brings to you this invaluable series of training videos "Heart of Hoshin." Soke Rob Williams exposes us to the living tradition of Hoshin Budo as he breaks the martial art down to its' core essence, opening the door for you to learn from this combat proven system.  There are gems of knowledge spread throughout this seven part series that will more than help guide you along your warrior path.

These DVD's can and will help any martial artist from any style climb farther up the mountain of self-mastery.  The series will take you through several paradigms of knowledge including:

  • A better understanding of the 5 elements aka "The Godai"
  • How to quickly and effortlessly break down your opponent
  • Energy usage in fighting, healing, and day to day conversations
  • A better understanding of how Yin+Yang play into not only combat, but life
  • Advanced break falls teaching you to fall as safely as possible
  • Kuden from Soke which are lessons normally only transmitted orally

This and much more is now available to you.  Our intention is to pass on the pure teachings of Hoshin Budo to help you grow as the enlightened warrior you have chosen to become.  Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to see the lessons of the Hombu directly from the source, Soke Rob Williams.

Keep Going, Keep Playing

Volume 1 of 7

1. The Godai
2. Earth
3. Water
4. Foundation
5. Fire
6. Wind
7. Godai Kuden
8. Joint Manipulation
9. KU

Volume 2 of 7

1. Energy Applications
2. The Guard
3. Undoing Basics
4. Shifts in Energy
5. Yin + Yang
6. Applications

Volume 3 of 7

1. Breakfalls
2. Making Space
3. Taijutsu Secrets
4. Advanced Roll Trapping
5. Kuden

Volume 4 of 7

1. Wrist Lock Counters
2. Dynamics to Undo Basics
3. Making Your Techniques Effective
4. Inside Wrist Lock Variations
5. Applying the Godai to Locks & Waza
6. Countering Throws
7. Muto Dori (Sword Evasion Forms)
8. Deflecting Blows by Body Angling

Volume 5 of 7

1) Hanbo Patterns
2) Flexible Weapons
3) Making a Solid Weapon Flexible
4) Reverse Hip Throw
5) Break Stance Throw
6) Setting up Your Opponent
7) Chi'na Wraps
8) Redirecting Your Opponent
9) Footwork
10) Don't get Bent Out of Shape
11) Advanced Footwork

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