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Hoshinjutsu Budo Ryu

Welcome to Hoshin Budo, a non-competitive American martial arts organization that focuses on self-protection and self development.

Our Hoshin Healing Program

Hoshin Healing was created by Rob Williams at the request of Dr Glenn Morris. Rob was a professional neuromuscular and massage therapist and derived all of the best techniques that he used on a daily basis for martial arts and sports related injuries. As the system was put together, Rob incorporated many areas of knowledge from basic and therapeutic massage techniques, trigger point therapies, myofascial release, energy clearing, chakra balancing as well as self healing techniques. Our healing system is one of the only systems that can be learned outside of being a member of our organization. There are four levels to the course, with videos detailing the techniques in each section. If you are a massage therapist or body worker, this will make your job significantly easier. If you are not already a body worker, this is an excellent tool for caring for friends and loved ones.

“Rob Williams has systemized the healing side of Hoshin into a distance learning system with a certification program in budo massage.”

“Healing of subtle injuries was probably one of the early forms of mental therapy and works pretty well for more mundane injuries as Rob Williams, who is nationally certified in massage therapy and heads up our budo massage therapy can verify.”