About Us

Hoshin Budo is a non-competitive self protection organization which focuses on me and self development.  Originally created by Dr. Glenn J. Morris, Hoshin offers a wide range of external and internal martial arts methods.

Hoshinjutsu, the combative martial system of Hoshin,  teaches easily learned and immediately usable combative methods for dealing with armed and unarmed assailants.
Hoshinjutsu is ideal for military, law enforcement, as well as civilians defending themselves from would be attackers and has proven to be highly effective in real life confrontations.
Hoshin was originally created as an eclectic system of ancient and modern combat methodology and psychology.  The system offers a path for physical development and emotional balance which enhances body and mind.

Combat psychology and physiology are at the heart of Hoshin. The combative aspect includes training in strikes, throws, joint locks, grappling and an array of traditional and modern weapons.
Hoshin offers training in meditative techniques for stress management, PTSD, creativity, focus, enhanced imagination, concentration and emotional balance.
Hoshin Budo also includes a complete system of bodywork and healing methods.

We invite you to join us on the Hoshin path of personal development!

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